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Наименование: 30809-635
Доп. наименование: Rear Panel 3 HE/7 TE
Номер по каталогу ELFA: 52-611-28
Производитель: Schroff
Цена, руб. (с НДС): 233.10 ( от 1 шт.) 222.19 ( от 10 шт.)
Срок поставки: 4-6 недель

Характеристики и описание

Возможности семейства Cassette for installing single and double Eurocards
Equipped externally with heat sinks and internally with tracks for Eurocards
The cassette slides into the subrack on standard guide rails for Eurocards
Manufactured of black-anodised aluminium sections with shiny surfaces
Rear piece with or without holes for DIN 41612-compliant connectors
Stocked in versions for card depths of 160 and 220 mm (section length L=167 and L=227 mm respectively)
Thermal resistance values with mounted front panel and whole rear piece